What's up with GFGF?

GFGF e.V. is an association of people interested in radio history, registered in Germany. It started in 1972 with its predecessor „Funkhistorischer Interessenkreis", founded by Karl Neumann and has been developed in 1978 to „Gesellschaft der Freunde der Geschichte des Funkwesens" (sloppy translation: „association of friends of radio history").
Karl Neumann realised that our „high-tech era" was going to lose basic knowledge about the beginning of radio in general. This relates to receivers, transmitters, companies and technologies as well as to the early radio pioneers.
Public museums did quite seldom put their focus on this field in the outgoing last century. Fortunately it changes slowly nowadays and it's getting more and more accepted that even radio history is an important part of our cultural history. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to do.

Your way to get involved in radio history may vary: one can collect historic documents and information, historic equipment or radio tubes - another may restaurate and repair those valuables.

We count actually about 2.000 members, most of us from Germany, of course. Nevertheless we're very proud and happy to have members from surrounding countries, throughout whole Europe as well as from other countries between us.

Whatever area you would sympathize with - if you have any relation to "radio" in general then you're heartly welcome to join us.

A moderate yearly fee of 50€ could make you a member of our association and as such you have several benefits. The most estimated one could be our journal "Funkgeschichte" which appears every second month and provides you not only with interesting facts about radio history and related stuff. Furthermore you get the option to buy and sell or just exchange parts and tools with others by using the advertising section.

Even more important could be the contact with people indulging the same passion as you do.